Weight Loss Programs

All of the reasons for gaining or not being able to lose weight have some validity, as they all make it harder for you to accomplish your weight loss goals. It is in your best interest to see how you can effectively mitigate them as much as you can; most often, the real cause of weight gain is eating too much food. If you are having problems with hunger control please call us at (702) 878-8888 for a free diet consultation. You need to re-learn how to eat. This will be hard. Your brain has been wired to feel that what you are doing is normal. It is not. The only way to break the addiction or habit, is to stop doing it. We can’t stop eating, but we can learn to eat normally. This will take time and effort. Slow and steady lifestyle changes that are sustainable are your best hope. If you insist on returning to the way you had been eating before your new habits are established, in all likelihood, you will fail in your attempt to recover normalcy.

We offer a free diet consultation call (702) 878-8888. After the free evaluation you will be given an outline of the diet best suited for you and fee for those services; required to meet your goals. Pricing ranges based on specific medications prescribed and anticipated duration of the program to achieve your target weight.

Alternative Medicines
The TRIMCARE program utilizes alternative medicines as an adjunct to enhance natural weight loss. These vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other natural ingredients occurring in the human body are necessary for proper conversion of fat into energy and for maintaining healthy balanced body functions. Your health care provider will discuss your individual health risks and specific levels of these alternative medications for your success on the TRIMCARE program.

Trimcare’s prescription HCG program is an exciting program that offers many advantages, including the loss of problematic visceral fat at an accelerated pace. Additionally, the combination of prescription HCG and a very low calorie diet (VLCD) helps to reset your hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls hunger and satiation, leading to a greater opportunity for long-term success.

Our medically supervised program uses prescription HCG, prescription appetite suppressants (if needed),vitamin & lipotropic injections and weekly to bi-weekly visits with a licensed medical provider to guide you through the program. We also utilize a state of the art Bio-Impedance Analysis Scale, made In-Body of measures body fat levels, muscle mass, levels and body water levels.

We offer two programs that are based on the amount of weight you want to lose:

  • 20 Day HCG Program and 4-6 weeks of maintenance
  • 40 Day HCG Program and 4-6 weeks of maintenance

If you complete the 20 day program and feel that you still have more weight to lose, you can simply enroll for another 20 session at a reduced price. Trimcare’s HCG weight loss program is also broken down into weekly accountability/weigh in sessions that are intended to aid you in optimizing your weight loss success.