Program Highlights

  • An annual comprehensive physical evaluation focused on disease prevention by determining your potential health risks.
  • Guaranteed same or next day appointments. You will always see Dr. Goldsmith when he is in town. When he is away, his assistants will grant you the same level of access.
  • No wait time for appointments. When you arrive, we will have a room ready for you.
  • Appointments will take as long as you need. Stay until all of your concerns are addressed.
  • The personal cell phone number of Dr. Goldsmith will be given to you when the Agreement is executed. Important medical questions no longer have to wait for an appointment time.
  • Up to 5 times a year, Dr. Goldsmith will arrive early or stay late to accommodate you at his office.
  • Prompt and thorough follow-up calls for test results, prescription refills, referrals or any other concern.
  • Complimentary body fat analysis anytime you request it during a visit.