Your office is always accommodating and the staff is very friendly.

Anonymous, 26 July 2014

Dr, Goldsmith and his staff have great expertise and knowledge in the maintenance of fundamental health and in lowering body weight to keep within acceptable, norms and limits. More importantly, however, they have compassion for their patient’s shortcomings and his or her struggles to maintain it. importantly, they have basic technology and supplements to facilitate weight maintenance within acceptable parameters. Assistants have looks and patience to boot, but the doctor’s expertise and knowledge in the science of aging is valued beyond measure by this patient.

Phillip BS, 26th July 2014

Still No.1 - Staff was friendly and helpful. The person I saw for my consultation was knowledgeable and professional , very helpful.

Raye TB, 22nd July 2014

Dr. Goldsmith and Dr. Wayne really helped me out , understanding people like me, everything was very professional , blood work , drug testing, even my heart was checked, lungs, I can’t take them and the staff for finally making me feel like myself , is not a 3 hour wait wich I hate, and everyone is so kind and took my problems way to the root , I feel healthy, no more pain , I have no words to say how happy I am, most doctors just care about sucking off your insurance card! I have no insurance ! And they cared about my health, thabks to Obama my meds are not coverared on insurance so must get a private intelligent , very stricked Dr. To check what’s the bottom of your problems… They take time and listen , test you, screen you , if you are a druggy don’t bother this clinic is real, because they CARE!

RaulC, 28th July 2014